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Chapter Officers

Indra Periwal


Year: Junior Major: Physics Favorite Kappa Memory: family bonding :)

Nayana Balusu

Vice President of Standards

Year: Sophomore Major: Stat/ML Favorite Kappa Memory: Hard to choose one but definitely seeing everyone dressed up in their holiday pajamas and bonding during Unity Dinner was super memorable! :)

Aidan Pinto

Vice President of Organization

Year: Junior Major: Chemical Engineering Favorite Memory: Meeting my big during big little week :)

Khushi Wadhwa

Vice President of Academic Excellence

Year: Junior Major: Computer Science Favorite Memory: My fav Kappa memory is when I went to donut dash with almost the ENTIRE chapter and we all walked, talked, and ate a bunch of donuts together!

Rebecca Karperis

Vice President of Membership

Year: Junior Major: Mechanical Engineering Favorite Kappa Memory: The Opat! It’s a really funny and weird tradition we have, but it makes you feel so loved and connected to the rest of the sisterhood

Elizabeth Zapanta


Year: Freshman Major: International Relations and Politics Favorite Kappa Memory: Sleeping over at the house with my pledge class

Emily George


Year: Junior Major: Economics & Statistics

Emma Herrera


Year: Junior Major: Information Systems Favorite Kappa Memory: movie nights at the house!

Ruthie Lin

Education Chairman

Year: Sophomore Major: Artificial Intelligence Favorite Kappa Memory: Planning unity dinner and hanging out with my sisters :)

Karen Bolivar

New Member Chair

Year: Junior Major: Psychology Favorite Kappa Memory: Big little reveal! I remember feeling so happy when my big ran up behind me and hugged me. Then going out to dinner with my family line made me feel so loved and it really brought me closer to them and kappa!

Rishika Gogineni

Events Chair

Year: Junior Major: Economics & Statistics Favorite Kappa Memory: Painting with my big!! It was a chill night with really random but deep convos, and it made me feel really cherished.

Julia Kasper

Philanthropy Chair

Year: Freshman Major: Architecture Favorite Kappa Memory: Just walking into the Kappa house one day randomly as a new sister and being automatically ushered over to join a bunch of sisters on the couch watching movies, chatting, and eating snacks! :)

Aarushi Aggarwal

Public Relations Chairman

Year: Sophomore Major: Math Favorite Kappa Memory: giving my little a haircut in the bathroom, unity dinner, penguins games, and so many more!

Fiona Carcani

Risk Management

Year: Junior Major: Chemical Engineering Favorite Kappa Memory: All the small moments!! I love just being around my sisters even if we aren’t really doing anything :)

Charlotte Ng

Gender Advocacy Co-Chair

Year: Sophomore Major: Materials Science and Engineering Favorite Kappa Memory: Showering my little with so much love during big/lil week!!

Brianna Baker

Gender Advocacy Co-Chair

Year: Sophomore Major: Business Administration Favorite Kappa Memory: Bonding with my pledge class at our sleepover ?? shoutout PC 21

Avika Bansal

Senior Panhellenic Delegate

Year: Junior Major: Chemical and Biomedical Engineering Favorite Kappa Memory: Organizing bid day this past semester and welcoming our new class of Kappa owlets as New Member Chairman!

Margaret He

Junior Panhellenic Delegate

Year: Freshman Major: Computer Science Favorite Kappa Memory: making halloween gingerbread houses with my big and another family line!!

Maya Voelkl

House Chairman

Year: Freshman Major: Electrical and computer engineering Favorite Kappa Memory: Sleepovers at the kappa house